Battleship Lonewolf PC Game Download Full Version

Battleship Lonewolf PC Game Download Full Version with direct download links available on this page. Download Battleship Lonewolf PC Game and enjoy to play this amazing game on your PC.

Battleship Lonewolf PC Game Download Full Version

Battleship Lonewolf Download PC available only on , we offer Battleship Lonewolf Full Game you do not need cracks or serials to play Battleship Lonewolf PC Game just download, install and play . Enjoy !

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Battleship Lonewolf Description

Lone Wolf is a game to become a captain of the space warship “Lone Wolf”, like Captain Harlock of Arcadia or Yamato of Space Battleship to experience of a space battle opera.

Point 1 : Strategic turret installation according to the characteristics of the enemy gas

You will fall into the charm of a gun that emits a powerful firepower toward the enemies, and you will be attracted by the various charms of the space warship “Lone Wolf”.

Various turrets installed on space battleships

Turrets (turrets) that are installed in a battleship are divided into a physical system and an optical system. You can operate a tactical battle by installing turrets (turrets) that match the type and nature of the enemies the appearance.

Point 2 : Strengthening and Growing the Skills

Space Battleship Yamato’s Skill Wave with the space battleship Lone Wolf’s skill to show off the enough power to change the battle board

Plasma flare / Energy shield / Hyper booster

It has a plasma flare skill that generates powerful energy waves within a certain range around a space warship of Lone Wolf, and an energy shield that reduces damage by creating a shield on a warship, and a hyper booster skill that increases the movement speed of a certain time of period.



3 chapter & Extra mission total 40 mission


Survival is Infinite play content. Staying for a long time from the enemies.

Play Tip!!

Users should attack enemies, keeping proper distance from them!!

Enemies that are appeared would approach toward the battleship to damage it.

Radar plays the role as a device to show from which direction enemies are approaching to the battleship. With Radar’s help, users get to notice a route from which enemies are closing in on the battleship and then move against from a route that enemies approach.

While enemies are coming near to attack the battleship, users could gain time as well as secure the time to subdue enemies.

Battleship Lonewolf PC Game Download Full Version

Genre: Action, Strategy
Developer: WolfShipGames Co., Ltd.
Publisher: WolfShipGames Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2017

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