The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC Download Free Full

The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC Download Free Full PC is available from today on our site , go below and start The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC Free Download PC Full with direct links. This content requires the base game Dota 2 on Steam in order to play.

The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC Download Free Full PC
The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC was released today and becouse you are our fidel visitor we decided to offer The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC PC Full Version with Free Download without to have to pay money for it. To play The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC PC for free you dont need to add cracks or serials , we offer The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC Cracked Free Download safe and clean arhive.

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The International Battle Pass is here to tap into the heart of the Dota summer season. Packed full of exclusive features and rewards, the Battle Pass is sure to unearth a hoard of treasures for your stash as we approach the culmination of this year’s Dota Pro Circuit and the climactic showdown in Vancouver.

25% of all Battle Pass sales go directly to The International 2018 prize pool.

More information about The International 2018 Battle Pass can be found HERE.
New for 2018:
THE UNDERHOLLOW: This summer, all Battle Pass owners are invited to journey into the heart of the Underhollow for a madcap multi-team dungeon brawl.
CAVERN CRAWL: Win games with designated heroes in your normal Dota matches to explore the maze-like caverns beneath the riverlands. Fortune and glory await!
MUTATION MODE: The magic of the Ancients has gone haywire, and a random selection of gameplay modifiers–such as global Rupture events–have beset this unranked game mode.
SPRAYS: Speak your mind without even opening your mouth with new Chat Wheel Sprays.
TEAM CHALLENGE: Spend a special Team Challenge Token to match your five-stack into the Ranked queue at a higher difficulty. Win and your whole team will haul in a substantial MMR boost and bonus Battle Points.
CUSTOM LANE CREEPS: Enlist some new recruits to march mindlessly towards the enemy Ancient with new cavern-themed lane creeps.
IN-GAME TIPPING: It’s important to recognize the accomplishments of others, and with the new In-Game Tipping feature, it’s never been easier to celebrate success.
ROLE-BASED MATCHMAKING QUEUE: Now Battle Pass owners can set their Lane Preference before they even enter the queue.
PRO CIRCUIT PREDICTIONS: Battle Pass owners can now use a web browser or mobile device to predict the outcomes of Pro Circuit matches for a chance to earn extra Battle Points.
FAVORITE TEAM SPRAY: Collect a full set of Fantasy Player Cards for a team to unlock a special Team Spray, Teleport Effects, Profile Icons, and Effigy Flags that you can use to show your support for your favorite five-man.
PRIZE POOL COMMUNITY GOAL: If the prize pool surpasses last year’s mark, every Battle Pass owner will receive 10,000 bonus Battle Points. They’ll get another 10,000 BP if the prize hits USD $30 million.
Other Features
EMBLEM OF THE CRYSTAL ECHELON: Stand out from the crowd with an item that bestows an exclusive emblem effect upon your heroes until next year’s International.
TOKEN WAGERING: Each week you’ll receive a balance of Tokens to place on the line at the start of each game.
ARCANA VOTE: The tradition continues. Once again, the community of Battle Pass owners is invited to select the next hero to receive a coveted Arcana item.
QUEUE TRIVIA: Now you can use your vast knowledge to real effect: answering trivia questions!
RECYCLING IMMORTALS: Have a duplicate Immortal and no giftee in mind? Recycle unwanted Immortal items for an influx of extra Battle Points.
RYLAI’S BATTLE BLESSING: Rylai and her wheel of random rewards are back in time for some cool summer treats. With a treasure trove of items to receive, all you need to do is spin to win!
THE INTERNATIONAL COMPENDIUM: All Battle Pass owners also receive The International 2018 Compendium, your digital companion to the biggest tournament of the year.
BATTLE LEVEL REWARDS: Raise your Battle Level to unlock increasing numbers of exclusive rewards. Level up by completing Battle Pass objectives or purchasing Battle Level Bundles directly. Push your level high enough and you’ll earn additional Immortal Treasures, a new equippable terrain, evolving courier, hero taunts, and more.

The International 2018 Battle Pass DLC Download Free Full PC

Genre: Action, Free to Play, Strategy
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Release Date: 9 May, 2018

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